How It Started

In the year 2011, two men sat around a fire and, while consuming large amounts of liquid, bounced possible new business ideas off each other. As the night progressed, the ideas became more reckless. They finally settled on a product: the distribution of cheese. Next they had to decide on a name for this business - It became even later and Blizzard was "born”.

Their thinking at the time was as follows: “If you sell 40 tons of cheese and you gain a 2% margin you make R80 000.” They had the premises, they had the storage facility, they had all the equipment. Next on the list of needs: a compressor to keep the stock cold. And that they sorted out in the blink of an eye.

Now they had a cold room, pallets, hysters but nobody to do the job in making them filthy rich ... And that is where I came in... They offered me a small salary but a DREAM… At that stage of my life I was a financial advisor for a dynamic Insurance Brokerage and my loyalty and love for the company and it’s people made this decision very, very difficult. But The Dream kept me awake at night , bugged me during the day and I finally came to the decision to take the opportunity. And that, as they say, was that!

On September 11, 2011 I stood outside the cold room and watched 5 tons of Langeberg cheese being delivered. I thought to myself – what have you done? I wanted to run away.
I knew nothing, absolutely nothing, about selling cheese. Only to eat it! - And then also only when we could afford it!

For way too long truly enjoying cheese was limited...

A few years after that first Meeting-Of-Men, an opportunity arose to buy out one of the founders of Blizzard... and a few months later I was afforded the opportunity to become the sole owner of Blizzard Distribution.
I decided on "Kasie vir die Nasie" (Cheese for the Nation) as a slogan for the business, and to this day I am a firm believer of making cheese affordable and available for the nation! It was for this reason that we expanded in 2016 and Brie and Camembert were added to our range.

When first I took ownership of Blizzard, it was extremely scary to be solely responsible for running a business, paying salaries, taking orders, doing invoices, etc. The grave responsibility of some parts of it scares me to this day! But I will swop this life for nothing! I've got a wonderful staff willing to form a united force and go the extra mile. If you would like to harness the force of the Blizzard team for your cheese distribution, make that call!!!

Hope to year from you soon!

Keep safe
Lizette Hartman

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